Running ahead of the Snow

Cold and snow heading in but not too windy this morning as  I am preparing for a training run at the end of this week; for an upcoming marathon. My head has to get used to the cold, wet and other conditions that will mark me as a distance runner. A surprise is complete resolution of my cold weather- induced exercise asthma. I haven’t wheezed on a run since I consistently crossed the 6-mile mark. I am taking this observation as more evidence that I am better suited for long distance rather than middle distance.

The cold temperature this morning reminded me to pick up my pace. As soon as I speed up, I get warmer. Well, without the heavier layer of body fat that marked my middle-distance runs, I am cold most of the time. The only way for me to stay warm is to run faster. I just don’t wonder any longer as I am quite thankful for every step cold or warm.

My head is in a very sedate place these days as acceptance is a large part of what keeps me grounded. I am the one who is running away from what I choose not to face. I know my place clearly now. I don’t seek understanding or to understand as I accept being at the bottom of society; mostly acceptance of the task that lay ahead for me. I run ahead of the snow.


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