No Limits on Enjoyment

In the early morning hours, one of our friendly neighborhood shooters decided to do some target practice with a city bus. Fortunately, the injuries were relative minor but the mental anguish of anyone near this incident is noteworthy. As I tended to some of the victims, I tried to put myself in their place, for an instant, not knowing if this is your last moment on Earth. It was heart-wrenching to see panic and post-panic on the faces of folks who were going about tasks they perform every day, hundreds of time.

While I was sipping peppermint tea, reading a medical journal under my call-room office lamp, someone decided to randomly shoot at other human beings. I can’t fathom why this occurred and what might have been going through the mind of this shooter. Did they have no regard for others? What made them decided to attempt to kill humans that they probably don’t know? What allowed this shooter to become so disconnected with humanity?

My realization as I drove home from morning services, is that we have such a brief period of life as we know it. In that brief period, it’s important to savor each moment, savor enjoyment of ordinary moments and treasure connection with others. As I offered the chalice to those in the cathedral, I took a moment to meet their eyes and love their souls. I am grateful for the fellowship and thankful for these moments of life.

Yes, I am surviving and in many ways I am thriving in this world of new experiences and explorations around me. Today, the sky is brilliant blue, the air cold and the sun warm in my eyes. I am thankful for an opportunity to run alongside my deep blue/turquoise lake on a late winter day. I know that a Nor’easter approaches in the next couple of days but I will move indoors to my running track, keep lifting weights and smiling with each step. Snow has become my cold weather friend with whom I made peace at last.

To not enjoy even a single moment of life for me would be a tragedy. I touched many people over the past 16 hours with each human being taking a bit of my heart. To love humanity is something my father  would like in me today. I believe he would be proud of my ministry; my service. I am thankful for all in my life; my wondrous friends and those I serve, even if they find themselves in the path of bullets from a random shooter who may have been placed in their lives to remind them to linger with enjoyment of the ordinary.


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