“pieces of a dream

pieces of ten nightmares

to give up on love”

As I drive forward in making my life simple, I played with this haiku this morning. Yes, my simplicity in life includes giving up on searching for or even finding any person to love. As Tina Turner put it, “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”; in my case nothing that I want to explore or expand as I am busy getting speed in line with my distance; busy with my reading, lecturing and studies. I am enjoying the experiences of savoring good company, good conversation without apology.

Simplicity is good for my soul like sharing one’s favorite dish or favorite bourbon. Of course, I may be living the crazy life but the people who are important to me have decreased in number for the sake of simplicity. I simply will never let those who are important to me, fall even one inch; my hands always here to catch them without explanation. I am not worth much to society or this world but I fly higher and forward; untouchable, soon to be unreachable.


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