Being Used?

One of my friends spoke of being “used” yesterday and having to set limits on the “takers”. I have not had these feelings; they are foreign for me. I connect, I give freely and with joy because I don’t have an agenda in sharing my gifts. I have gratitude and thankfulness, that I can share with others. In that sharing, even brief sharing/connection, I receive far more.

My friend spoke of placing ” finite limits” on the takers in his life. Again, I don’t have people in my life who “take” but have people that need more from me than others. To them, I freely give what they need without agenda or expectations. I take in the joy of being able to share with them, connect with them with a bursting heart and much laughter. Just as a critical patient needs more care from me, some of my friends need more connection from me; this I give without condition because I can.

I have always considered my heart as a muscle. The more I exercise it, the bigger it gets. The more I connect and give from my heart, the bigger it gets and the greater my capacity to love and give. Just as my quadriceps are bigger, stronger from my distance running, so too is my heart. If there is anything that I perform selfishly, it’s my running and meditation.

Thus, in my mind, in my world, I can’t set limits on those with whom I choose to connect. My heart is glad for those connections as my body is glad for my running; though cold at times (I am a freeze-baby). My mind seeks serenity and warmth from others as I receive more than I give. This is not being “used” but being affirmed. I am grateful and very happy for savoring the wonder of these days.


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