Ghee, Clarified Butter or How do you Like Your Steak?

Started out running this morning in what looked like lake-effect snow, large flakes, dusting, outlining the light shining from the street lights. The wind was chilly but I ran along for a short distance before the snow became heavy enough to obscure my vision. I headed back into my townhouse covered in the white powder just a little angry with myself for coming in early. I am still quite tentative about snow and chill since my bout of hypothermia last spring. My hands were cold; I was chilled to the bone.

After hopping into a hot shower with a couple of cups of dark roast coffee, I was warm at last. I knew that I would be attending an all day meeting that would require a drive downtown. By the time I arrived, on time for the meeting, the city center was obscured by the near blizzard conditions but roads were not too bad. I drove without problems but many meeting attendees arrived late, understandable. Did I mention that meetings are the bane of my existence these days? Most of the time, I play with my electronics or multi-task on my I-Pad, today reviewing my notes for an upcoming lecture on small bowel obstruction.

One of my friends asked me how I like a steak cooked. For the record, my perfect steak is blue, i.e., charred on the outside but red and cold on the inside. In short, I am a total carnivore when it comes to good beef as I can even eat it raw (steak tartare anyone?). To this end, my most perfect steak was at Peter Luger Steakhouse in New York City, cooked to my perfection and drenched in what I refer to as ghee, clarified butter with a slight toast on the milk solids. (I don’t let any type of sauce get near my perfect meat).

My dining companions at Luger, watched in awe as I happily enjoyed my blue steak with perfect char on the outside, aged to perfection and red on the inside, buttery and wonderful. When I order a steak, I generally order a porterhouse and nothing else except a very dry martini. One could argue that with this wonderful meal, I didn’t need anything else except the porterhouse. One could also argue that Peter Luger is a very good reason for a trip to New York City but I always manage to find other explorations in my favorite city besides Luger.

Such a wonderful memory from last year! It must have been the cold and the snow but I was thinking of my perfect steak with my perfect butter glaze. In my current Midwest City, I have found one small steakhouse that comes close but doesn’t match Peter Luger. After a couple of martinis, it’s all good. Now, planning a trip to New York City in a few weeks but can’t get near Peter Luger because it takes months to get a reservation. Yes, it’s worth the wait. I am enjoying simple pleasures these days anyway.



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