I Never Meant to Be

I did not set out to be a warrior but set out to be a questioner. When did I confuse the two roles in my life? I wanted my father to be proud of my scholarship and studies thus, I questioned all that I studied. I set out to find my path in my world many years ago. Today, I am still trying to hold to a path, a role.

Acceptance without question was never part of my existence. Why can’t everyone see in others, that which I see? I  never accept what is on the surface but freely accept what is in the heart. I  know no other manner of connecting with others. Ah, those pesky connections again! I hate them yet I can’t stop making them, without agenda or expectation.

Today, I am happy to withdraw. Yes, finally, this woman has given up. A sense of peace over me on this early morning. No more and no more giving; I am exhausted at last. I never meant to be like this. I still keep my sense of adventure and exploration. Still the questions!


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