Warm and Grey

To say that I am in heaven with this wonderful weather is a great understatement! While I take the risk of over-training, I am loving every step as I round the neighborhood of my little suburban village next to the Lake. My heart and mind are at peace with all that comes my way as I move past.

In fact, I am dangerously joyful in many aspects of my life, still exploring the world, taking each breath as it comes and making those pesky connections. With my celebration of National Margarita Day late last evening after teaching my Pathophysiology class, I needed to hit the asphalt today. It continues to be sublime in the early morning mist, certainly a gift on this late February day.

Who knew that running these longer distances for me would change my life in a myriad of ways? I can’t put all of them into words this morning but I am calm, serene with hope for things to come as my train of thought diverts. I don’t know where the hell I am going but I keep going. I have stopped asking questions but I am astonished with what I see; an old lady running her world without questions.

Even my theology studies and themes are creeping into my head with new angles and lines but I suspect that my theatre friends have helped me expand the narrowness of my scientifically-bent brain. My creative genius friend forces me to look at aspects of my world I would have never considered before the time I met the most brilliant of them even a bit more than a year ago. He shares his running experience with me, a most dangerous combination in any human but so much fun. For this, I am a grateful scientist and runner- keep those miles coming and going even in the mist.


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