The Extraordinary-Reloaded

If there has been one constant in my life, it has been that I enjoy and see extraordinary moments where I  find them. On my run this morning after I settled into a familiar but comfortable pace, I accelerated off my left foot (mixing it up) to feel how fast my body can respond to that acceleration, extraordinary for me at my advanced aged-a rush. Another moment, dropping back from that pace to see how I recover but never back to the original pace, just a little faster.

An extraordinary moment, when I connect with each of those that I serve on Sunday-looking into their eyes with joyful heart as I present the cup of wine; a moment when they touch my heart so completely; I am grateful. My serenity infinite as an unfamiliar peace settles my mind. I looked up at the stained glass window where sunlight poured in to settle in the West Transept as a sharp blue line; I breathe in the that blue light.

An extraordinary moment when I connect with those around me; listen and feel what is behind their eyes. These connections used to overtake me but my running keeps my mind resilient and open with train of though altered. I smile and comfort rather than sink into my former buzzing insanity.

Nothing gets too close for my comfort level these days as I seek no explanation or definition for touching what is around me. Things are simple and I can’t stop smiling. It’s all good without apology. I am thinking that I may have developed the capacity to love my fellow humans without exception and steal a piece of them at the same time.


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