39F at 3AM with catnip

Back to my early morning runs with my extreme comfort of being on the road alone in the darkness. This morning I passed one car, a police vehicle at that. In my little suburban village, nothing moves this early except the deer and I. The stars and a sliver of a moon were shining through the thin cirrus clouds but the silence punctuated by an occasional wave on the Lake shore was quite nice as there was no wind to speak of.

I spent an amazing afternoon with one of my most brilliant colleagues; my academic friend who forces me to be a better runner, professor and thinker. Spending time in his presence while challenging for me, always rattles my mind and affirms my soul at times. He’s so white-hot intelligent that I am quite intimidated by his presence, the likes of which, I may never encounter in a thousand lifetimes. Still, he’s quite funny in a bad sort of way, like catnip, mystifying and mesmerizing at the same time. To say I enjoy spending even five minutes with him is an understatement. He’s simply the best.

I had such a great time that I am laughing at myself this morning but running faster as I covered the ground. I thought of how one of my brilliant friend’s colleagues asked me if I was married to another physician. I had quite forgotten that I wear my old wedding band as a symbol of all that makes me what I am today; my survival and my solitude.

It was easier to say that I married a musician, a flutist and an artist than try to explain why I continue to wear this gold band on my left ring finger, the vein of which goes straight to my heart. My gold band insulates me and reminds me of my journey almost around the world these days but I was caught off guard after the experience of the afternoon; the effect of just a little sprinkle of catnip.


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