Why does Superman fly prone?

As I would have Superman fly feet first as a luger goes down an icy course, he flies prone with arms outstretched and reaching.  Just one of my thoughts on this warm sunny February morning. I embrace the sun lying on my back and believe that Superman might do the same. I also touch the ground with my feet; my supermen do likewise. I have many supermen in my life and I am grateful for this.

My supermen save minds and lives with the ordinary yet extraordinary tasks which they accomplish daily. One of my supermen has a strongly brilliant creative mind, the likes of which forces me to think, to consider and to be better in my teaching, explorations and academics. As others go down the block, he goes around the world and takes in everything that he touches.

One of my supermen has strong faith, infinite creativity and forces me to be a better physician/surgeon with my connects. He had taught me never to apologize for those connections. A joy in my life always. By his example, I will continue to change my world.

One of my supermen is a questioner but lives inside his head far more than he should; he’s mutable and extremely cautious unlike the other two that I have described above. He has given up on many things in his life though I believe he’s not lost as he believes. If there is one thing that he will learn from me, it will be to take “I can’t” out of his vocabulary. He can and he will; this I know with all of my connections. He’s an empath as I am but he has experiences which have make him cautious where my experiences have made me bold.

On this sunny day, as I head back out into the wind to enjoy the warm breeze near the lake, I allow my mind to go where it will. I change myself and change my world with my thinking. I learn from my thoughts and gain insight. My supermen fly as they fly, setting examples for me. I am thankful for them and no more sadness or regrets.


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