Here I Am

Playing with the idea of making radical changes. I need to just stop disrupting those things that I put together. I enjoyed a very nice dinner with a friend last night after a rainy run in 60F weather. It didn’t matter that water fell on me in sheets at one point, I just ran on so happy for the warmth on the grey February day. I enjoyed one of the best asphalt trips this winter as I racked up some mileage. I can turn up my pace without thinking about that pace. I enjoyed hearing the rain fall in the woods around me as the early evening feel. My mind at great peace.

Yes, I lament that I don’t have any one special person with whom I can share some of my adventures but this is a passing thought.  Just a day ago, one of my practice partners said that if he were not married, I would be his date on Valentine’s Day. Well, “thanks but no thank-you”, I thought to myself. I believe it was Chaucer who associated this upcoming St. Valentine’s Day with romantic love but I choose to associate the day with martyrdom as the saints I know who were named Valentine were all martyrs. No thank-you!

At last, as I sipped my coffee this early morning, I became comfortable with the cooler temperatures of this morning. I woke up at 2am, decided to read some of my theology and then head out onto my dark running path. With the drop in temp, I ended up running the empty street because of small patches of ice on the sidewalk. Muscle cramps awakened me but I had enough sleep. Sleeping is one of my non-interests these days but napping works quite well when needed as I was never much of a sleeper. Short run this morning followed by a longer run this evening after teaching my late class.

I haven’t had any contact with my actor/director chum because he’s in his “abyss” period. When he emerges this time, I will be on the west coast enjoying my life out there.I have no time for his quirks and dismissals. I am done his dark moods because I am a person of light. The weather is fine for running; I anticipate being in my house in about 5 weeks for some fun and relaxation. I plan to get away to see my sister who lives in the desert for a couple of days before heading north. On my run this morning, my brain kept focusing on lying by the pool on my deck and sipping a Sam Adams in the sunshine. Those 5 weeks can’t pass by fast enough-Spring Break it’s called.

When I head out in March, I will finish up the work for my medical license in that western state as I will need it by June for practice. Though I won’t permanently move, I will be doing some grafting in June and July, always great fun. In today’s climate of shifting health care and reimbursements, I am better being licensed in more than one state; able to make  quick work as needed. I also know that when I leave the Midwest, I will be on the West coast as it is my second home but here I am, basking in cold again of my blissful solitary existence! I am fine with this level of being a martyr on St. Valentine’s Day.




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