A Little More Snow for the Day

Last night and into the early morning, more fine white powder fell along my lake-side running route. I have enjoyed the crunch of snow under my feet but slowed down considerably. The weather isn’t cold this morning with little wind but the fine white powder flakes fall like sugar around me. I love the silence of this wonderful but snowy run; so different from the conditions of running back in the South-Atlantic state where I grew up.

I found my thoughts swirling around one of my friends who chooses non-contact with me. Again, I respect his wishes but hope that he will not retreat into that place he deems his “abyss” without keeping one hand out to this friend who doesn’t judge but just accepts that these times are his way of getting and keeping his life together. He’s truly a gifted wonder. I send him my positive wishes, hopes and thoughts because he’s too precious for the world to lose, even for one second. I miss contact with him very much. He’s my breath of air and my alternative universe in many ways as we are so very different. How could I be given contact with this wonderful person, even for a second?

Last Sunday, I served my last service with my wonderful mentor and Dean of my cathedral. She’s been a giant in this city and a person who has lived life on her terms, authentically as only she could do. There isn’t anything¬† devious in her psyche or soul. All that she is has always been right in front of her and touching those that she interacted with over the years of her ministry. If nothing else, I understand how important being authentic and honest is to my dealing with my students, my patients and those I will minister in the coming years. This is my lesson from my friend and shining example, my beacon.

I have learned how strong and resilient I have become. My travels, my interactions and my learning have made me the woman that I am. My running keeps my heart, mind and body strong; pushing me physically to levels that I would never have believed possible. My trainer keeps me lifting weights for added strength but I hate seeing the scale move upward. I will continue to experience life and continue to run-loving the long distances in the cold and in the snow. Sometimes a layer of white powder is just what I need.


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