Working the Grey

I had a conference call with one of the top transplant surgeons in the United States yesterday. This gentleman spent 30 minutes discussing a strategy for best use of steroids in patients, something that we as surgeons always need to revisit in today’s world of rapidly changing science. The result of that phone conversation was my wonder of how small my world of surgery practice has become. I contact the best minds in surgery by phone or electronic communications in an instant. I also have the benefit of being a grey surgeon with plenty of first-hand experience from which to draw. In short, I read and evaluate any and all information for my patients.

My other grey area is that my focus is always on the quality of life for my patients, many or whom are the sickest patients on the surgical service at any given time. I reach out a hand and a mind to make their lives the best possible with knowledge and a willingness to re-evaluate mechanisms of caring and care. These strategies are not easy taking long hours of study. It is my pleasure and privilege to put in those hours of study.

I stood on the beach of my Lake taking in the darkness and coolness of the early morning. I thought of those who have left my life and those yet to come into my life. I am grateful for those who have gone and hopeful for those yet to come in. My world at this moment focuses on my teaching and practice as I move into this a new year. I have very little time left which means that I will strive to move even faster. If I can cover more in a shorter period of time, I will do so.

Standing on that beach this morning, I became aware that my grey is rapidly losing color; losing texture but always being present. I have no fears and much sadness but resolve; my grey areas.


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