A Scarlet Masquerade Midwinter Feast!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not the fancy dress type of woman. Always being something of an adventurer, I am far more comfortable in running shorts, running shoes running down a trail than the fancy dress events. This week, I found that I have a “command” appearance at a fancy dress event in my town. It isn’t enough that I have purchased two expensive tickets but I have to attend this event.

When I contemplate attending this event, I thought about who I might want to share this with. I usually go to these types of social events with a surgical colleague but he’s tied up on call the night of this party. I am happy to go alone but I want to share this experience with one of my academic colleagues because he’s just fun to be around; always making my heart laugh because he’s just brilliant and sees the world as I don’t see the world. He always scares me to death too.

I pulled my Chinese red and gold gown from the back of my closet. When I was on one of my far east adventures, my host had the gown custom-made as a gift; it fits me as it was made for me. I touched it, just the right weight,  and decided that it would be perfect for this event. I have a white faux fox (I don’t wear actual animal fur) wrap to complement the ensemble along with a needlepoint evening bag; a gift from my Mum. In short, when I tried the complete “rig”, I didn’t even recognize the woman looking back at me! I am certainly no princess but I have to admit that I look totally different and far from the woman that I usually see looking back.

The location for this event will be like a giant castle complete with plenty of fire, stone walls and music. The location leads itself to heading back into time and into a world that is not mine. Again, if my friend is willing to share this with me, he belongs there in so many ways. Am I saying that he is a prince/king? Yes, I am saying this because he truly is one of the most amazing people that I am pleased to have in my life. He is wickedly handsome and he is brilliantly smart, an actor/director/professor who can turn the world on it’s axis. Even more amazing are the worlds that I know he can go into and out of. He belongs in this world; not I.

Yes, I can dream that I might attend this event with a wonderful friend but I won’t hope that this actually happens. The last event, New Year’s Eve party at an old city club with an old friend, I watched fireworks from a balcony overlooking the bay and felt positively royal. While I don’t think that I will ever fit in the fancy royal party world, I can hope to visit; to dip a toe in the water from time to time. It’s just that this time, my somewhat jaded heart wants to visit this world with a wonderful friend. Yes, I guess that I hope he does this with me; a bit of magic in 2017 for this woman.


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