Back in the Midwest Chill

Did a very short 2-mile run in 7F weather this morning. I was a bit jet lagged and freezing. I had to purchase some warm socks (they forgot to put them in the bag so I am hosed) but I did OK. I am back home and busier than ever.

I would love to hang out with one of my friends but I am getting the idea that he doesn’t want to see me. I know that I need to leave him alone and will do this as the semester gets under way. I just can’t risk getting my heart hurt again even though I can’t stop smiling when I think of the last time we had drinks and just chatted. I will miss him.

Have to get these last 25-30 pounds off for the spring running season. I had far too much beer and partying on the west coast. I was fortunate to run enough not to gain any weight but I have to get back on my plan right now. I almost forget how much I love to run even in the snow and extreme cold. Right now 20F looks like a heat wave for me.

My face was chilled so that my tears froze as they fell. One eye, the one that I had surgery on, will tend to tear in the cold weather. I also tend to wheeze a bit too but that didn’t happen this morning. I just ended up cold but warmed up with a cup of coffee. Tomorrow, I will be doing some weights and pure mileage on the indoor track. I need to get some wind sprints underway since I am faster now.

I miss the sheer beauty of the west and the heat of the far east. Still, it’s great to be home and enjoying my house with my dog again. I miss my west coast people and enjoyed the brilliant blue sky along with the waterfront. It’s back to the chill, at least for the next 6 weeks. Bring it on!!!


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