Happy New Year

On a very rare occasion last night, I dressed in red and gold satin evening dress to attend a black-tie event in the city here. I felt  like a princess as I rarely attend such events with dinner, dancing and music from another era. It was a chance for me to look nothing like I usually look; my hair and make-up done professionally. I went to a very exclusive private club with the evening capped by fireworks. I watched from a balcony thinking about how grateful I am for friends, family and life in general.

I greet 2017 with a sense of renewal and recharging but I am going to say farewell to a good friend who is gravely ill. He has made it to 2017 but now is intubated, in very-critical condition at a hospital back home. As I will arrive back to my Midwest city on Friday, I do not think his heart will last until I get back. I asked his son to tell him that all are in my thoughts and prayers but he’s fought a valiant battle with congestive heart failure. To lose a great spirit early in the new year is sad for his family. I know he is weary of the battle with heart disease.

I was glad to hear from another friend early this morning. Though he says that my texts are not intrusive, I am always concerned that I am intruding on him. Perhaps as I get to know him better,  I won’t feel this way but after being totally dismissed by another friend that I valued so much, I am wary of not disturbing those who need much “alone time”. I wish my friends health, happiness and much prosperity in this next year.

For me, I continue to run and fight for principles that have been the cornerstone of my life. I care about this planet and leaving it clean for out children. I care about giving my patients my best always and I care about setting high professional standards for all who come behind me. My parents left my world better; this I do for those who come behind me. I will listen, respect and honor all human beings who cross my path in this New Year!

I am thankful for the gifts of life and health that I enjoy. I am thankful for the fellowship and wise-cracking banter from my actor/director friend because he shows me how good people can be. I want him to flourish this year; sharing many laughs and adventures together. I believe we can do this; savoring those moments when life is just surprising and cool. Ah, the best is yet to come.


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