I arrived back in the USA yesterday. The flight was long but I was able to sleep almost the entire distance after making an effort to read in the first couple of hours. It was wonderful to fly a Boeing 747-400 with plenty of room to move about. I finally nestled into my seat with my earphones and drifted off with my next moments coming when I awakened to have just enough time to get a quick drink and scan the deep blue ocean below me before landing 30 minutes later. My wonderful but exhausting overseas adventure over.

I kept thinking about some of the suggestions my academic surgeon host left with me. I will incorporate them into my teaching as I always change my coursework each year. He was generous and gracious in allowing me to operate with him, teach his students and junior physicians. I keep all of these experiences as treasures as I head into the new year.

I finally  have a secure internet connection where I could scan some of my social media. For the past nine days, I was too tired or too busy to keep up with the comings and goings of my social media folks. It is good to be home, well my second home on the West Coast, and good to see that everyone is doing well. I feel as if I am in a different world.

One post that particularly caught my eye, and my heart, was posted by my actor/director friend. He spoke of how he almost left this life some years back. Trust me on this, I found myself welling up in tears as I read how much he loves his family. My hope for him in the upcoming year is that he continues to feel the love and appreciation around him. He is a gift, a treasure and an example of how generous and talented a human being can be. I am fortunate to have had a small window to get to know him over the past year.

Though I bug him about being so wonderful, he truly made my heart happy when I spent just a few hours with him as the semester ended. I have stopped questioning why I can’t stop smiling when I think of him with his quirks and wonders. I am thankful that I can call him a friend. I have many hopes of happiness for him in the upcoming year. I am a better human being for having met him as he reminds me with his amazing presence, how precious life can be.

As I looked into his brilliant blue eyes and heard all of the child-like wonder of banter that we shared over drinks post semester, I can’t believe how lucky we all are that he is here. I hope he will come to know that I don’t give out these words easily or simply. I have much hope for him.  I have learned that I can treasure his friendship with joy. He’s just that good for this world! Though we don’t speak in these terms, he is someone I find very easy to love for a million reasons; such a gift for 2017!


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