My Last Full Day

I will be sad to leave some of the most dedicated and professional surgeons in the world. The work ethic here has been remarkable as I learned much from these amazing people. Everyone was gracious and inviting. As people will make comparisons, and I am no exception to this rule, this city is not a compelling and beautiful as the last Far East city that I visited but the people will allow one to fall in love with them My students were respectful and scholarly; asking great questions with an eye to gaining practical knowledge from my experience/instruction. I have enjoyed working in this place that lacks the ultra-modern feel of my hospital back home but more than makes up for modernization in the zeal of all to learn and improve.

The hospital is a rather non-descript white building with gray steel trimmings. People scurry about the main entrance coming and going. There are few cars to block entryways because many people just don’t drive. The rooms are small and the hallways narrow. People seem to accept that there is always movement with polite awareness of surroundings. The operating theatres are well-equipped with a minimum of instruments and monitors. Where I would have green walls in the US, the walls are sparking white and pristine clean.

As cases start, nurses, technicians and cleaners go about their tasks with efficiency and dutiful attention. Patients are moved with quickness and a smile. A smile has been my best accessory because no one here seems to have a bad day or have an attitude that what they do is routine. All go about with a sense of professionalism and quietness. There is no idle chatter or gossiping. The talk around the operating table is always on medicine; no music playing in the background. I can quickly settle into my concentration on the case, remembering the wise teachings of my professors; relating these things to those around me with great appreciation.

I am grateful for this opportunity and I have learn much. I am infinitely thankful and will have memories to last a lifetime.


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