Boxing Day!

It’s 2 AM and I am about to run in the hustle and bustle of this city. It won’t be a long run but after a few days, I have adjusted to the time frame (at last!) and work schedule. In four days, I leave to come back to the United States. I haven’t had much time to explore and eat. Such wonderful food here but my eating has been dampened by a GI tract upset that continues to plague my appetite. My energy has been zapped a bit but I am keeping a bit of soup and tea down. Eating has always been a struggle for me as I pick at many things but one of my goals here was to try all of the food; haven’t reach there yet.

The best food is in areas where street food may be purchased. I grab one of my resident physicians or a medical student and head out for noodles as soon as we get off. The teas, the noodles and stews have been my favorites. I have even been able to get around by bus but my host doesn’t want me out alone too much. While there is no crime in this city, he doesn’t want me lost as I don’t know all of the customs just yet. Most of my time is spent teaching, operating and helping the residents work up patients. Wonderful work for me and so different in many ways from my practice.

I was reading some of the Christmas writings from my Touchstone. What a treasure his words have become for me at this time in my life. On this day after Christmas, I have hope and my health for moving into the next year. I have his wonderful words to ponder on my run this morning. I have goals that I have set for the upcoming year too.

My goals are to hone my teaching to a fine art. As I have written before, I had the honor and gift to see a fellow professor who is nothing short of a master of his craft. I learned much from the couple of hours that I spent watching him teach his class and interact with his students. Though we are in different disciplines, I now know what a great gift a wonderful teacher can be for his students. I hope to learn more from this great person and wonder for me, a fledgling in his presence.

I think of the gifts that I have received; my heart glad and strong. I have survived many issues that would have taken bits of my soul but instead, have made me wiser and more grateful for what I have been given. I am strong and more flexible than ever. I am able to continue my running with strength and speed. I have a renewed vow to be the best in my ministries that I can become. I have brothers and sisters that I am fortunate to serve in medicine and spirit. I am a teacher who has been shown how great connection with students can be. I am the richest woman on earth for these gifts from God.


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