It’s Christmas Eve!

Arrived 30 hours ago with something I call “Jet Lag on Steroids”. This place is noisy, busy and full of light. I hunted around for some coffee as I contemplated a run but a passing thunderstorm killed that idea for me. I stayed up and headed over to the university by bus for a day that reminded me of residency. We had grand rounds in the morning where I was the speaker then participation in a full day of surgery. The students made me feel like a sage.  It was an exhausting day but fulfilling. The world here is very different from any place I have traveled.

I am hoping to get a few hours of sleep after I write this as it after midnight here. My mind is in a million directions; my body ready to run for empowerment. The people here are everywhere with streets full of bodies moving in all directions. The landscape is flat; trains and busses are cheap running often. As everyone speaks English, I have no problem finding what I need when I need it. I want to see everything but my scheduled is quite cramped. My hotel is great but rooms are small.

The weather is hot and humid with storms that pop in without warning. After a downpour, the air is more humid. The place reminds me of Jamaica but no black people around. I have felt sweat pouring down my back as I traveled to India Town for some curry in the market; a quick dinner. My gastrointestinal tract did not thank me for the curry but it was quite tasty. I can sleep knowing that life is good; a promise. I have wonder and hope for my dear friends back home with great expectations for the new year! I am grateful and thankful.


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