Affirmation in the Sun!

The sun is shining brightly this morning. After another holiday party last evening, I ran in the cool morning air being grateful for every step along the bay. I simply lace up my running shoes, throw on some shorts and a sweatshirt; off I go to sample the atmosphere almost too perfect to describe. I found I needed gloves but tucked my hands into my pouch for a bit of warmth. My hands were chilly but not bad.

I found myself thinking about my heroic friend that I would love to share this wonderful locale with. He would just enjoy the scenery, the atmosphere and the funky stuff that I find myself getting into here. Since he’s an actor, my bet is that he would find plenty of experiences here in this city to add to his repertoire.  I live a very different lifestyle in this city than I  live in my other home city. Here, I tool around in shades with a cup of espresso/French Roast and run most every place I go.

I love the way he speaks of the women in his life; his daughters, his grand daughter; even his ex-wife. Such is the stuff of a good soul that always makes me laugh, smile and makes me kinder. It was much fun to watch him teach his acting class and sit next to him at a bar; sharing jokes and experiences. He is a marvel for me always as I knew he would be. So he took some of my meditation time this morning on my run.

I have enjoyed some of the nightlife in the city; seeing familiar faces in my favorite watering holes. I hop into the two-seat sports car which is easier to park in the narrow city streets where the best clubs are located. From the hills, the bay fully visible; the moon shining and reflecting off the water. Such is my knocking around on vacation; allowing my mind to do what it wants for fun.

I leave tomorrow for the Far East having a long flight to get to my destination. I will be on the ground for a week; whirlwind lectures and surgery instruction. I am looking forward to this adventure especially now that the sun shines brightly.



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