Finally feeling the rush of not having to “do” anything. This is vacation and good for my soul. A few days ago, I was chatting with one of my friends who reminded me of how nice for the mind to be able to wake up and not do or deal with anyone or anything. He said that he was looking forward to just having a couple of days where he could stay in bed or not, stay in his head or not and just let his brilliant mind rest and recharge. Though he is physically more than a thousand miles away, I understand what he means.

This morning, I looked at the sunrise; sipped my coffee and enjoyed the sheer wonder of being alive in this beautiful place. I overlook the bay and enjoy the clear blue sky with mountains in the distance. The air is balmy compared to the sleet and snow that I left yesterday. Last evening, the bright moon cast its glow over the water as I sipped a glass of white wine and took a deep breath. I am officially on vacation, anticipating the holidays ahead; the beginning of a new year and reinventing myself as I always will. Today, I am grateful, thankful for dear friends and my health. I am in this place and will savor every breath and every step.


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