My Wings

The temperature dipped below 30F, I jaunted out of the bed in the call room for a run around the hospital in the falling snow. The streets were wet and shiny, the air cold and my legs in tights, chilled at first but warming up with my faster times. A friend had mentioned running mittens which solved my frigid hand problem this morning. I was able to work up a sweat in the couple of miles that I ran under the orange street lights of the depressed neighborhood where my huge city hospital is located. I ran to conquer the cold and to conquer the snow that was flurrying about my head; forgot my beanie thus my ears were a bit cold.

My last service with the Dean of my Cathedral. She leaves at the end of January but I am out of the country as she leaves. She takes a bit of my soul with her on her new journey. I take a small part of her in my soul on my flight in a couple of days. She’s been my consciousness at times; my compass and my gut check in my pursuit of ministry. For these things, I am forever thankful that I had the chance to know her wise counsel. I will close my eyes and hear her whispering in my ear just as I hear my surgical mentors when I have a difficult case.

People come and go in one’s life which is a great mystery to me. Why do they have to go? As I have gotten older, I realize that changes are always going to be with me but saying good by to those who have had a profound influence is bittersweet. I am blessed to have those who will always be with me; guiding me and pushing me to more challenges. Such is the energy and touch of so many in my life. I take a piece of them on my journey this time. I will fly very high as I know no other way to do this.


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