Snow, my new friend

Just a light inch of fine powder but so wonderful under my feet this cold morning. I loved being outside with the white covering everything as it needed to cover. The Christmas lights were magical against the snow and even warmed the slight wind off the lake. I could see a star or two peeking though the clouds. These early mornings before light are mine alone.

Last evening, I ran in a bit of the flakes falling; quiet all around except for the occasional car. My hands warm at last thanks to a recommendation from one of my experienced marathoner friends. I run with my head, my tears and my extreme loses but the snow falling made my work fine; my head fine.

I am happy to count down the days of leaving; flying away on one of my wonderful adventures. I become empowered when I share my knowledge with those who appreciate that which I have honed. Oh, I am so grateful to be able to fly when the wind begins to gather under my wings! I do not wait anymore but strike out to capture every feeling; every breath; every feeling even the tears that make my face colder. I cannot be anyone’s possession.


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