Getting It Done

Just got in from having a minor surgical procedure done. Yes, I am sore as hell but I want to get moving right now. My physician said to sit out today but I have to move or die. I almost didn’t believe that I would undergo this procedure this close to leaving my city for overseas but I am glad it’s done. I do have this tendency to get to the jugular as quickly as I can much like putting an access line into one of my patients. Yes, I expected to be a bit sore and I can’t get into the pool but they didn’t completely tell me that I couldn’t run and so I run.

If I don’t run, I will roll into a bit of depression. I felt those feelings coming on when I heard Vaughn Williams this morning on the radio and immediately thought of my losses. I also completed an accreditation site visit for one of my programs in which I teach which was even more depressing than having minor surgery. Such is the life of this woman today. Hoping to see a couple of friends before I leave the city but not holding out any hope of that. Yes, I am off to run in the dark later tonight as my pain meds kick in and I can get some numbness on board.


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