Serendipity- Part 2

“If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things that you do not see.”– James Baldwin.

This past week has been very difficult in a couple of ways for me. Two very dear friends have life-threatening illnesses that are likely to claim their lives. These two people have been sentinel/essential in my life as friends, colleagues and fellow advocates for those who are unable to advocate for themselves. Both are outstanding examples of how to serve others tirelessly and selflessly; lives well lived and lives that I pray will continue to be lived well for the world.

My running has been cut back mostly for the preservation of my joints. I know that my joints are fine and will obey my trainer who is looking out for my best interests.Still, I move as much as I can, just not logging the mileage that I love so very much. In the upcoming week, I can push the running a bit, my gift from God above. I am very grateful for this and will savor every step.

I am grateful for the increased connection with a very wonderful friend whose presence in my life has always made my heart smile. As I prepare to finish the semester and leave the city, I carry a small bit of happiness in just knowing and learning from this gifted professor. Spending an afternoon with him was a very nice but early Christmas gift for me. I still feel the energy of his interactions with his students and his great teaching ability. He’s a true treasure for this world (embarrassed when I remind him of this simple fact).

My love of those who give of themselves selflessly forces me to point out things that others do not see in themselves. Sometimes people like my professor friend need to be conscious of their gifts to us from those of us who lack  these talents, see in them and learn from them. I pray that they take a moment to celebrate their greatness. If not, I can do this for them just as I celebrate and honor the lives of my two dear friends who have become ill.


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