A Bit of Magic on Black Friday

As I completed a holiday of running in the morning and doing a few “bread and butter” cases while on call in the later afternoon/overnight punctuated by football games on the telly in the surgeons lounge, I started to enjoy the magic of the holiday season. Decorations for Thanksgiving are giving way to Christmas lights and trees. There were bits of holly already peeking around doorways. Fortunately for me, I know where they hide mistletoe(over the door to the surgeon’s lounge); I scan my surroundings before I enter the lounge because I would be mortified if anyone kissed me in my hospital.

The magic for me today on coffee and more sleep than usual is my extreme gratitude for life, good colleagues and surgical cases that went well. There is great magic in telling family members that their loved one is on the mend and will be doing much better. As I am fond of reminding my students and trainees, the procedures that we do become routine for us but they are never routine for our patients. Surgery is pure magic many times for those who are suffering; that pain relieved just a small bit.

I also find magic in being able to curl up with my journals in one of the overstuffed chairs in the lounge to peruse an few articles. Seeing what’s new and what being researched has always been magical for me. Sometimes I get an idea or two but most of the time I get confirmation that I am right about my approach to work. The constant study and learning are very enjoyable for me.

One of my academic colleagues often says that what he does is not important compared to what I do clinically. I could not disagree more with him. Both of us take care to give as much as possible when we practice our respective crafts. I admire him and appreciate what he does as an actor, director and professor. For those of us with no creativity and no hope of creativity, we have an extreme need for people who can bring some creativity into our lives of reality. He’s always a breath of air for me and he always reminds me of the sheer goodness in other human beings. As I say too many times, he is a rare treasure that I pray to get to know a bit better. For me, he’s pure magic (former circus clown) and what he brings to this world is far better than my reality.


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