To Soar and Not Falter

Blustery, windy and cold today thus no running outside for me. I will do some indoor training runs for speed but my hands seem to suffer in the cold even with insulated gloves. I live in a cooler mid-western city/suburb but I am a woman of southern climates. I do very well in heat and humidity but freeze when the temperatures dip below 40F. As I am thinner, I am more colder these days. Nope, it’s indoor for me today. Perhaps I will challenge myself to a cold run soon but not today.

The wind has me somewhat grounded in terms of my flying. Though visibility is good, I don’t like landing in these elevated winds. I had plenty of time to prepare a flight plan that would take me out over the lake but I changed my mind once I reached my hanger. I am on the ground as well; perfectly acceptable right now. I just had a bit of need to examine my world from an elevated perspective but not today for that either.

I picked up an identification device that would speak for me if I was unable to speak for myself while out running. I don’t generally carry identification but recently, I have re-examined that practice and now I am identified with contact information for my sisters. Perhaps I am a bit more prudent these days as I also run with mace (coyotes and skunks).

I am also putting the finishing touches on my overseas lectures. I would like to wrap that process by the end of next week; getting my lectures out and finishing up my semester’s work so I can get out of town. There are plenty of tiny details to work out but most of the research is checked and double checked. I just look forward to new scenery in a warmer climate. My warmth can’t come too soon.

I attended a dramatic production last evening that allowed me much thought and meditation this morning. I know that we as physicians have to take care of our patients who are feeling traumatized by current events. I trust the political system in this country and feel that many folks like myself, will go out of our way to be civil to those who would treat us uncivilly. If one is over the age of 40, one remembers dealing with intolerance of religion, race and sex in this country. Still, it is just a bit disheartening since I realize the magic in all human beings.

So today, I soar on the ground and I won’t falter. I will read good philosophy and meditate on being as positive as possible even when negativity abounds around me. I have much gratitude to my touchstone for always being the example in life and medicine that I strive to be. His writings have made my heart glad and I am grateful that he is in my life. Even my actor/director friend has been a source of joy as he gave a great recommendation for my pre-theater drink last evening. I discovered a wonderful place to relax and enjoy. Yes, much gratitude on my part and much love of life without fear or falter.


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