It’s a Wonder for Me

I can scarcely believe that I can dance! I had been away from ballet for almost 30 years yet today, I kept up and even received a compliment from my instructor. This past week, I worked on stretching my tight hamstrings for increased flexibility. Those exercises worked somewhat as I didn’t miss many steps in my quest to push myself physically. I never believed that I would run again, yet  even be able to dance ballet.

I have had many thoughts about my physical abilities at my age these days. I am grateful for every step I am able to take in my distance running but now I am more thankful that I am back to dancing. Are these abilities something intrinsic to me personally or can anyone with the resolve to get into good physical condition able to see some significant accomplishment? I am a very ordinary human being but I am peaceful, solitary and grateful.

As a physician who regularly counsels patients of various ages, what will I be able to tell my patients who need to make healthy choices and changes for a higher quality of life? I want to set a good example but I want to be realistic too. Still, I am thankful and grateful for my gifts and my progress in creativity, dance and running. I have sought to surround myself with those who would inspire me. My body has taken me to places I long thought were unreachable. Such is my wonder on this sunny Indian Summer November day.


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