Warm early afternoon

Nothing under my feet except the occasional crunch or swish of leaves as I jog through them. Not much of a breeze or even an effort of a breeze. This day is almost perfect for running as the sun is setting. My head is enjoying the fresh oxygen of the waning light of the day after getting some unavoidable meetings out of the way. It’s just one of those routine days of multiple things to get accomplished and off my plate. I long for something to love about these times but they are mindless routines. Still, I am thankful that I am healthy and alive to experience them.

I will readily admit that I am feeling uneasy but I fight these feelings with my physical activity. If I didn’t run, my alcohol intake would be higher, something that I will not allow. I can’t solve anything with bourbon or beer but these favorite beverages of mine are meant for times of enjoyment. I have little to enjoy and much to study and cross off my lists.

My body tells me to keep moving; keep my balance and keep my vision looking forward. I can’t give anyone power to knock me off my path of resistance to anything that would trouble those around me or cause them to lose hope. Still, I seek just a tine bit of joy; perhaps in music and for me, in the sound of the leaves beneath my feet. I have no tears but much resolve.


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