My trainer has cut back on some of my mileage as I am just getting too thin with muscle mass loss. She has increased my weight training and added ballet for flexibility improvement. I won’t question her methods as she has pushed me up to 20 miles on a regular run without difficulty with increased speed. I suspect that my speed is largely due to my weight loss but I am comfortable without injury. I know when to listen to those who have more running experience than I.

I went to my first ballet class in over 30 years. There I stood in black tank leotard with pink tights in front of a mirror. I hardly recognized myself as I have lost much of my muscle mass but I liked how I was able to keep up with the class (adults in their 30s). I even found one of my pink ballet “bun warmers” that my Mum crocheted for me back when I danced jazz and ballet before college.

My dance instructor yelled at me for not extending but my hamstrings are tight. Tight muscles have been the bane of my running for years; have to spend more time warming up. I resolved to get to the class early and warm up longer than my classmates. Since the class adds to my already crammed schedule, I know that I will take the time to do a proper job and listen to my instructor. Still, the class allowed me to focus on keeping in time with the music (piano) and watching my body, something I can’t do on a run.

I will run in the early morning before dawn and my service at the cathedral, tomorrow. In the afternoon, I have a bowling outing (don’t ask) for my charity with my still-sore muscles from my ballet class. One of my dance partners, lovely man, treated me to dinner at a local steakhouse in the downtown area of the city. There is nothing like a perfect filet with very dry gin martini to oil the joints and make one’s heart glad.

Taking this dance class has allowed me to appreciate another side to my creativity awakening. I keep reminding myself that I am not very creative but just a transducer of what I see. By being aware of what I am able to do with my body these days, I may have just found a smidgeon of creativity. I had joy in the music and joy in the movement. Still, with the extreme creativity of my dear actor/director/professor friend who shares my politics and may share some of my humor, I stand in awe of him as he has just completed a wonderful production, blowing me away with his abilities. What a gift he is and how he inspires this slightly creative surgeon even in ballet class.


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