Tiny Contact But Good Fellowship

I had a tiny bit of contact with my former friend. As I pray, he seems well, happy and celebrating his birthday. For me, this is great because I miss the little things we used to share; life in academia, his extreme brilliance; his extreme creativity, our shared love of running and how he dotes on his wonderful son. Still, as I always say, I am thankful for what he shares with me and when he chooses to have contact.

I often find myself smiling after even a small text from my friend. He has such an unusual way of seeing the world and interacting with it. His insight and generous nature are affirming professionally and personally. Though to many, he seems pompous, callous and difficult to deal with, he’s a total but wonder for me. Again, I am happy that he chooses to share even a tiny part of his life. Again, he makes me smile as I go through my busy days and nights.  He is quite extraordinary.

I also have to mention that when he withdraws his interactions and friendship, I tend to take on that his withdrawal  with sadness because it is clearly because of how I interact with others. I know that it is tough to be my friend but I am far too old to change how I connect. I have learned to accept that being my friend isn’t for everyone. I am adventurous and fast-moving these days, something that is as necessary for me as breathing.

I move on, grateful for my friend’s coming and going. I hope he will continue to interact with me as I am no threat to him or his world; his greatest supporter. I always take him as I find him without exception. Here’s to a great birthday and hope that he remains happy and healthy with or without me in his life.


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