Cry Like a Rainstorm-Howl Like the Wind

Capped off an intriguing day with a nice, dark evening run by the Lake. I could hear the waves crashing onto the beach, only seeing them turn white at the very last second, in the indigo of the night with clear sky and sharp sliver of a moon. Even though there were times when I couldn’t see my feet hitting the sand, I knew that there was nothing along my path except packed sand.

I ran in one of my newest pairs of running shoes which by being new, always make me feel as if I can run faster and stronger. My older pairs lying next to my bed; not to be discarded but will become my walking shoes. I tend to keep running shoes until they are older than my chihuahua. So far, I have about 10 pair that serve various functions in my life after spending hours and miles me with in the past. They are true old friends who stay with me always.

As I put the final touches on my lectures for overseas, I try to tap into my creative side. My longer runs have given my brain an opportunity to look at the brilliance of fall with new hope for the cold of upcoming winter. Even this weekend, snow is in the forecast and I readied myself with a new set of thermal running gear. I even purchased a new pair of thermal gloves with Goretex. This winter, I will run in the cold as my body allows.

Since I have lost much of my muscle weight, I don’t do well in cold weather. It’s very easy for me to be chilled when I see others running in shorts and perhaps a long-sleeved T-shirt. As the temperature dips into the 50F range, I am running in light jacket with hood. I lose much heat these days and can’t seem to warm up rapidly. Thermals are my friends; fire in the fireplace and hot French Roast coffee my constant companions this November.

As I ran along the Lake, I could smell the early evening grilling efforts of my neighbors. I prefer the smell of wood burning to charcoal but I applaud their efforts on these last days of Indian Summer. I rarely eat meat now, preferring to grill vegetables and pineapple with hot spicy sauce. I also prefer whiskey to wine as the temperature falls. Such are my taste preferences changing as I grow older and wiser. My brain thanking my body for carrying it along on the run.


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