My Friend’s Birthday

Though I have had minimal contact with a former friend, today, I think of him largely because his birthday is tomorrow. I certainly wish him good health and happiness in all aspects of his life. I also celebrate his life because he is largely a good person even if he can’t stand me. His extreme dislike for me doesn’t change my opinion of him.

I learned, largely in my interactions with him, that I will always meet people who will hate me and devalue me because I am different. I am not beautiful, not very smart and certainly quite difficult to appreciate. I am a human being with faults perhaps my greatest is that in my interactions of those such as my friend whose birthday is tomorrow, I accept that they want me to be aware of my weirdness/damage. In pointing out how inferior I am, he allows me to see how great he is and how I will never be good enough or smart enough to even be his friend.

The one characteristic that is intrinsic to me is that I accept people as they are and not as I would have them. I accept the wonderfulness of humans beings, happy, sad, rich or poor because they are my fellow humans. My friend is a brilliant, gifted, creative and wondrous human being. For these characteristics, I celebrate his birthday and say a prayer of gratitude that he came into and went from my life.


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