Missing You

“Even though you’re far away, you’re on my mind
Ooo ooo ooo, wishing you were here
And I’d like to change my life, and you know I would.”-Chicago

For some reason, I have been missing one of my former friends. He’s been in my meditations, perhaps because he has a birthday coming up next week or perhaps, I just miss sharing those little victories of day-to-day life with him. In short, his friendship was valuable to me. He will always be someone who is unforgettable in many ways for me.

He withdrew his friendship and all contact with me a couple of months ago. His dramatic exit sad for me but part of his persona nevertheless. He’s who he is and I am who I am. I never apologize for connecting and celebrating another life. Make no mistake, I care about him, celebrate the wonder that he is and miss him very much.  I haven’t seen him, which is great for me because his last letter was deeply hurtful as he meant it to be. I will always wish him well and hope that his life is great. Still, I miss him deeply.

I miss my uncle whose birthday was yesterday. He was a character with biting brilliance, infinite ability for medical practice and my mentor in medicine/science. My father was a bit disappointed that I chose to pursue research science as a career but my uncle understood that I would eventually end up in medicine. He placed my hood when I obtained my medical degree. He had been a battalion surgeon in the war, understood what service to his country meant. I miss him very much.

I would hope that both of these men, one alive (I believe) and the other deceased, would think kindly of me and my flaws. It’s my nature to explore, connect and set out on the adventures of my life. In a few weeks, I fly to Singapore to present my research, present grand rounds, and reach out to that culture of scientists. I will run the streets of that city sampling souls; asking questions. This is what I do these days as a surgeon/scientist. Would love to share this adventure with my former friend but this is not happening.


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