Treating Others

“If someone treats you badly, just remember that there is something wrong with them, not with you. Healthy people do not go around destroying other human beings.” – MindsetForGreatness

A very nice quote for me to remember these days! I needed this just when I found it, a gift from a very positive friend with whom I went to medical school. I have watched him grow in his practice, in fatherhood and in his world; grateful for what he has overcome and what he inspires in me. Having inspirational friends; I am blessed with many in my life, gives me hope and affirmation for my tasks and challenges ahead.

Early this morning, I found myself lamenting that I have to cover a major event in my city on a day when I thought I would be able to rest a bit. I found myself wondering how much a single person can add to a schedule without imploding. After reading my friend’s message above, I stopped, took in a couple of deep breaths and began to smile.

I smiled because I am fortunate to practice surgery every day of my life. I smiled because I can connect with my patients who need my care. I smiled because I have an opportunity to care for those who need me tonight and into the future. I smiled because my profession has taken me around the world; continues to do so and into places that I could only dream of as I was growing up. For this, I am infinitely grateful; saying a prayer of thanks.

Being able to connect others is like breathing for me. When I realize that I can set a troubled mind and body at ease, I am grateful. Many of my patients have critical problems that have changed their lives but I can make an effort to help them make the adjustments to life after their crisis. All people handle one problem; one second at a time.

My moment of whining about my schedule has given way to thanks for being able to make inroads into the lives of my patients, my students and in some cases, the lives my friends. My friend who sent me the message above is no exception to this. When he sensed that I needed a bit of encouragement/acceptance, he provided what I needed and listened to what I had to say. I gladly do the same for him and any of my friends without exception.

I am the richest woman on earth because I have people in my life who amaze me at every moment. What more could I ask for? Perhaps a few more hours in the day but outside of that, I ask that the people I care about, have the happiness and serenity that I enjoy these days as I am infinitely positive and grateful.


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