Long Distance Run

“Color in sky, prussian blue Scarlet fleece changes hue Crimson ball sinks from view“-Donovan
With few warmer days left, I decided to run a long distance this afternoon as the sun began to sink in the sky along the lake shore as I ran. The cool breeze coming in, my legs burned a bit as I ran further than I have run in the past month or so. My coach had advised me to cut back on the distance but the weather pushed me, my body accepted the challenge. I needed this run for my peace of mind.

The longer distances have always been my saviors when I needed them. My head comforted as the pavement moved beneath my feet. I loved the sound of the waves hitting the beach shore; music to soothe my heart and spirit. I always feel energized when I can get in some lake shore mileage; today was no exception to this.

I needed the long distance run as my work is busy; my academics busier. It’s the time of the semester when things are moving along at a very rapid pace; meetings the bane of my existence. The heartening news for me is that I am keeping my schedule under control as I am a bit ahead in some aspects. Still, I am in great need of a trip out of town. I need this upcoming flight to the far east.

I completed my lectures for the week over the past weekend with some touch work needed on one of my subjects; an update based on new findings. I anticipate completing the touch up; posting grades and getting some needed sleep for the night. If I had not completed my run in the setting sun, I would have been concerned that I would not be able to sleep well. After miles along the lake in the cool weather, I will have no difficulty falling asleep.

Additionally, I needed to cut back on my cathedral duties. With my surgical practice increased in the next week, I needed to serve one day in the middle of the week. Since my cathedral work is far more difficult than my academics or practice, cutting back will be a good rest for me just this week. I can’t look beyond this week for my peace of mind.

The discipline, the meditation, the physical challenges of keeping my conditioning at a high level is great. I must confess that I am a bit afraid to have blood drawn for my monthly blood counts with my continued weight loss (down another ten pounds) but I face my fears and will accept my numbers.

As the crimson ball sunk below the horizon; colors fading from orange to purple to indigo, I am energized but calmed. This is the gift that running gives me. I have no losses and plenty of gains both mentally and physically. I am happy, healthy while I look forward to my next overseas adventure with anticipation of all to explore and learn.


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