Running and Thinking

“It don’t matter where it takes me
Long as I can keep this feeling runnin’ through, my soul.”Destination Unknown

I have to say that I love to run without exception. I can be sleep-deprived, tired from hours of work but I put on my Saucony running shoes and I am off to cover some pavement, grass or whatever I can find. Running is my meditation, my peace of mind and my time to get inside my strange brain; my sanity. I love to push my body and see how it responds to the challenge. Such a wonderful gift; so blessed to be able to run and to keep running. I am infinitely grateful for what running had done for my health and for my heart.

Sometimes a song will stick into my head. Sometimes a film will come to mind; today Iron Man II, a movie I didn’t think I would enjoy but a film I found purely entertaining and enjoyable. I enjoyed Robert Downey, Jr’s performance; the special effects and the story. There is enough of a scientist in me that I reveled in this character figuring out a solution to his problems and making it work. Great fun for me and a surprising source. I came in from my workout laughing that I enjoyed a film about a Marvel comic book character.

Running allows me to laugh at myself; not take myself too seriously. Life for me these days, is about enjoying all of those little moments of small pleasures; my French Roast coffee; my Virginia Gentleman bourbon; nice connections with my very wonderful friends; my Sam Adams beer with some post-season baseball and good music on the radio. I am blissful; optimistic and happy for the future. I am also energized to get items crossed off my busy schedule and continued excellence in my academics and seminary work. All of these things are gifts and I am grateful for everything. Just keeping my life simple; my heart glad.


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