Finding my wings and flying high

My life has been very busy lately with teaching and practice. Still, I keep running, meditating and trying to keep both feet on the ground before I take off. My overseas paperwork has come through; my tickets are arranged and I know that I will be flying soon. For me, to fly is to breathe and to live. I know that I promised to stay in my current location but leaving is best for my heart and head. I was never meant to stay here; this so plainly pointed out to me by so many.

I have pared my practice down to contract only. My house remodeled but I haven’t replaced the furniture because I always knew that I wouldn’t need it anyway. My teaching duties heavier than ever but my heart isn’t in this class or these students. It didn’t take much for me to accept an overseas assignment that would challenge me mentally and physically. I want to support my fellow surgeons who have been struggling to keep a high level of medical/surgical care in one of our most challenging locations.

To give everything mentally and physically to my surgical craft is my challenge always. I don’t have those feelings here in the United States thus I seek them overseas. I am the communicator, the empath and the instrument of peace. Still, I hope to connect in a few weeks with one of my dearest friends so that he can find his wings to fly too. He’s breath-taking in every way; always has been but now more than ever for this empath.

We have always had much to say in the few times that we have spoken. I know that our connection great but he has much to accomplish yet. I hope we will not run out of time because he truly a wonder for my heart. This isn’t a fear but a reality for the challenges that I seek. I never belonged to anyone and yet I belong to all who need me. I reach out to hold a hand and to embrace the world on wings as I always have.


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