Holding Out for a True Hero!

“I need a hero. I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night.
He’s gotta be strong
And he’s gotta be fast.”-Dean Pitchford/Jim Steinman

My practice partners let me know that I wouldn’t be needed early in the afternoon because we had everything under control. One of them pestered me to take him to the theatre to see one of my other friends who is an actor. My actor friend’s production has some of the best dialog; thoroughly enjoyable and certainly absorbing. We packed up our stuff and headed downtown to the theatre on a warm windy evening. I felt like Kate Middleton as the wind kept blowing the skirt of my dress; a bit unnerving for me because I felt breeze where I shouldn’t have been feeling breeze and I was wearing only a thong underneath; did not want a pre-theatre arrest for indecent exposure.

We picked up our tickets and headed into a nearby bar for a quick pre-theatre drink. We ended up chatting with more than a few very nice people who commented on my drink choice, a Negroni complete with flamed orange peel. The evening was getting off to a great start and just what I needed after a day of meetings and plenty of patients for discharge home. I always enjoy the company of this fellow surgeon who is generally up for hanging out with me on short notice, always loads of laughs and fun.

The energy of my actor friend and his fellow cast was extremely high. I was mesmerized by their work and the response of the audience. My actor friend is my hero without question. He’s brave, talented and just amazingly wonderful. I said a prayer of thanks on my morning run, that he allows me to be his friend so very different from my marathoner friend who is out of my life completely. He is nothing short of one of the most amazing people I will ever know; I appreciate his artistry and gifts so much these days. My heart always glad to see him.

Every line and every word takes my breath away, this only the second time I have seen him on stage. If you knew his story, he is clearly larger than life, smart and as empathic as me. I have nothing but admiration for all that he has accomplished and has yet to accomplish. I know great things are ahead for him and more importantly, I appreciate him as he is. My surgeon friend teased me about my unequivocal admiration for acting well-done; along the energy that the full but small house clearly absorbed. The entire production was magical to the point of being transported. Just what we both needed for the end of the week!

Yes, I admire my heroic friend for all that he does. Yes, I want him to know that what he does is what few on this earth can do. I hear his voice but there is nothing of my friend in the characters he plays as he takes them on. If he could have seen the sheer enjoyment of the audience, including my surgeon friend, he would believe me when I say that he is a rare gift. I am not holding out for a hero, I know him and he’s pure magic!


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