Fall is Coming

This early morning, I found I needed running gloves and long sleeves because there was a chill in the air. The sky was perfectly clear as I could see hundreds of stars twinkling over the lake as I ran along. At 3:00AM, I met three fellow runners, all of us running in the middle of the street at this early hour. Sidewalks are too variable; no cars to speak of which is why I enjoy the solitude of these runs. The only noise I hear are the waves from the lake beach and the wind rustling the trees as I run through the woods. This is my time for enjoying my meditation and my time of prayer.

I am now a bit apprehensive with my cool morning runs because I tend to go back to my hypothermic marathon performance. As long as I warm up and stay dry, my apprehension dissipates quickly. I have to keep my hands and ears warm but the cooler weather feels great; my speed increasing nicely. I am also thinning out quite nicely; happy not to carry any extra weight with me.

Still, I miss my marathoner friend who always gave me good advice on long distance running. I have had no contact with him but I am grateful for what he shared. Perhaps in time, he might advise me but I am not expecting that to happen. He’s not a forgiving person and he thinks of me as being far beneath him. As for me, I keep running along, pushing my brain and my body to their limits. Such is the stuff of early Fall mornings and long distances.


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