In the Wind

“I didn’t hear you leave
I wonder how am I still here
And I don’t want to move a thing
It might change my memory” -Dido

I saw my friend quite by accident this morning. He is very stressed; the toll showing plainly on his face. When he is stressed, he is almost mortal in terms of how much it affects him. I found myself feeling like an intruder but I didn’t speak with him for more than a couple of minutes. He is a very strong and often frightening presence; today taking every quantum of my empathic energy in seconds.

My vow when he came back into communication with me was that I would never be a source of stress in his life. I am the “port in the storm” without exception. If he needs me or if I can help him, he knows how to contact me. He also knows that I will move heaven and earth if that is what he needs without question. Until he makes contact with me, I will not see him. I would give anything, do anything, find anything that would relieve the stress or conflict that he under. He did assure me that he was “OK” which is gratifying. He will work out what he needs to work out at this time. I will never allow him to fall as I can always catch him without question or exception.

When he’s “on his game” he has no peer. He is such a powerful soul and spirit. There is no other like him with his sharp intelligence, amazing insight, extreme creativity and energy. Being in his presence is to fly around the world at Mach 1. When he is stressed, he is on another plane and I accept that this is what makes him the person that he is. He’s complex but one of the best people that I will ever know. I like him just as I find him always, stressed or not. I know that he will figure things out. Until he chooses to communicate with me, he gets my support and positive thoughts. Yes, he’s that good and I am grateful that he is in this world. I can never do anything that would cause pain or strife in his life. He has given much and has much to do, yet. Godspeed, my friend!


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