Sail When the Wind Starts To Blow

“When someone walks in your life
You’d just better be sure he’s right
Cause if he’s wrong, there are heartaches
And tears you must face
Keep both of your eyes
On the door and never
Let it get out of sight
Just be prepared
When the time comes
For you to run away. Sail when the wind starts to blow”– Hal David by Dionne Warwick

I promised that I would stay. I promised that I would be strong enough to weather this storm but I have to go. He’s much too strong for me; casts a shadow that it too powerful for me. I am out of my league. I am just not good enough; I am not a royal princess; I am not worth this man. My dear friend Mike, who knows me well, who has seen me up and has seen me down. Mike has seen me at 37,000 ft and knows me; knows I am fearless.

“It’s time for you to back away for your survival,”, he warned. “You can’t give your heart as you have,” he implored me. “I know you and I know you won’t survive this one.” ” He doesn’t deserve all that you are.” “You are going Mach 1; bigger than life and he doesn’t deserve you.”

I know Mike is right in that I won’t survive. I am conflicted; I am in free fall and I can’t sustain this. I have to breathe. I knew that there was a reason for him to be with me this past weekend. He comes just when I need him, my light house showing me the rocky shoreline, without exception. I will heed his warning and sail  away with a full headwind. I know this.


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