“Faster than light’ning is this heart of mine
In the face of time I carry on”-Robin Gibb “Spirits Having Flown”

This morning, I served early and late mass. The connection with every person at the services-late mass was packed, was visceral and amazing. The spirit of God abounded in our cathedral with every note, with every song, with every voice that came to worship. This is the reason I seek to serve all.

I could feel each heart touch my soul and I could breathe out with each prayer. Before the services, I always pray for openness of heart, clearness of mind and for God’s spirit to surround those who are troubled; to connect with love and compassion. I could look into the eyes of each person; seeing each one with renewal. This is a gift from God for me. I pray that I am worthy of the faith that my mentors have placed in me.

My mentor reminded me that I will begin to wear the black cassock of my new vocation in a couple of weeks. This garment will be visible evidence of my office in the church. There is a small part of me that doesn’t feel worthy of this honor. Can I do this? Am I ready?  I feel as if I need more study and certainly more meditation and prayer.  This I do on my runs by the lake.

2016-07-31 09.56.40


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