My Band of Brothers

As I was finishing up one of my lectures and heading out to play Thursday night Trivia, I found myself texting one of my friends, mostly to invite him to join us and meet our new team member who is gorgeous and smart. Now the friend who was on the other end of my texts is funny, cool, smart, talented and a little “cracked” in a good sort of way but he  doesn’t seem to take advantage of putting himself out there to widen his circle of possible women to date. This personality characteristic is wonderful in some ways but to those who know much of his story, he should take an opportunity to find that person who affirms him.

I teased him just a little about my meeting my beautiful blonde friend (she is quite beautiful and quite smart) but I was a bit serious in terms of him joining us. As such, it turns out that he is getting ready to leave on vacation, in the midst of doing those thousands of things that have to be done when one is leaving for a week or more. This I understand. What I hope didn’t happen is that his dislike for me and all my  alpha amazoness, would have kept him from getting to meet and getting to know a beautiful woman who might be someone he would want in his life.

I am blissfully “off the market” and totally enjoying getting to know an extraordinary  man who has made me a better professor and person. Standing in his presence, taking in his energy, seeing how generous he is and watching him interact with others (across the board) is truly wonderful and always magical. I know for sure that great things are to come for both of us as we have adventures ahead. We are just going to lean in and enjoy ourselves without effort. This is my wish for my smart ass, funny and fast-talking friend too.


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