Morning Run and Sail

The outsides of a sailboat are great for the insides of a woman! My last days on the bay and Pacific Ocean. Fog burned off early; temperature around 55F. Had to get down to the yacht club for a short morning sail. After my short run early this morning, I noted the tide was in so out I went. It was cool but facing the bright sunshine on the water was great. This was a good beginning of the end for my last day on the west coast.

It seems that the sun rises earlier here but that’s just my brain playing tricks on me. I enjoy my very early morning runs because the trail is practically empty (no bikers); the air is crisp and dry. I love to start when the lights of the city are just twinkling, the sky indigo and tangerine, fog rolling over the mountain. When I head back in, the sun’s up and the tide is in. Nice breeze blowing but still just a little chilly if one has worked up a good sweat. My runs are my meditation time where I allow all things negative to land on the dirt path.

The wind was light; my boat was happy. I could easily handle this small sailboat alone. The most traffic I encountered was the ferry crossing the bay; such a civilized way to commute to work in the city. Scattered clouds in a very blue sky with most boats docked on this weekday. On a weekend, I would have much company. Loved the upper body workout of keeping my craft on path. Just a short sail to be on the water, first time this short vacation.

I go back to a mountain of work but ready to take on my new challenges. I reaffirm that I am up to any tasks that need to be done in my academic world. I have many lectures to update/revise or just plain remove from my courses. I won’t be hard to find as I will be in office getting things ready. I like to push hard a couple of weeks out from the start of school so that I don’t have to rush anything. I am never unprepared for anything as my training doesn’t allow this.


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