Softly and Slowly- A Long Slow Distance

As an empath, my connections are deep but lately, they have been soft, gentle and slow. There are some that I simply stand in the presence of, absorb their energy and revel in the gladness of their affirmation. For me, this is the stuff of that first sip of freshly-made French Roast coffee, savoring the taste, that drop from the highest point of a roller coaster, or the smell of the ocean air as I run along the beach in the early morning fog so visceral and so much a part of my existence.

As I run along the beach this early morning, I felt waves of energy, picking apart each one as they moved within me. My connect is harmless, pure and something of a wonder of which I must take care. In taking that care, I slow down and savor the feelings. I have time and place on my side. I have a touch, a glance, and these feelings in the spotlight of my mind. I want simplicity without compromise or effort, for I am at the beginning of something far greater than myself.

As I wander along, waiting for the sun to burn through the fog and enjoy the coolness as I enjoy, I know, I pray and I meditate, grateful as these feelings are not for all. These feelings are for a man that I must get to know and allow him to get to know me. He is a person who has come into my life and changed me by his wisdom, his strength of character and his generosity. He is there for a reason which I do not question. I know that we are going to have many adventures at this point in our lives–lived according to our rules. In truth, we make this look pretty good. 2016-08-08 08.31.08


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