My amazing friend!

“Someone needs a friend, just around the bend.
Don’t ya think you should be there?
Are you man enough…when the goin’s rough?
Is it in your heart to care?”– The Four Tops: Are you Man Enough?

I miss an amazing friend but I know that he is busy working with a group of people who are usually forgotten by many in our society. This is just one part of his brilliant, creative, energetic and generous nature. It’s the end of the summer semester; all of us in academia are working hard on getting grading and final exams done, for heaven’s sake, but he’s helping some folks give voice to their creativity and that’s what makes him all the more amazing. Sometimes giving forgotten people a creative outlet can change one small aspect of their lives and ours, for the positive. Their world is better because he is in it.

He hides this side of his nature pretty well but I was in his presence about 15 minutes when I first met him; immediately picked up on this aspect of his being. This is why I find him quite intimidating at times; so intimidating that I can’t say how much I admire him to him. He’s far more generous and spirited that I could ever become, even on one of my great days! I work very hard on my spiritual nature and connections but he just connects as easily as he breathes. I have an infinite amount of respect and admiration for all that he does. He sets the bar very high for me and forces me, the alpha, to be a better person. For this, I greatly appreciate all that he shares with me. Yes, I am biased but I am right.

Late Addendum: I just received a huge honor from the college! It is by following my friend’s example with his students that I could have received this. I am humbled beyond belief.



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