Busy, Busy and Busy

I had one of the busiest nights in a long time. Case after case with little fires to attend to as well. It felt great to work hard and take on each of the challenges as they came. I pray for clarity, serenity and strength to keep going as I touch each patient. In the end, everything went quite well which means routine. I was able to sneak in some teaching points as we went along. Such is the business of medicine in the middle of the night.

I am winding down my summer academic work. To say that it has been a bit of trial would be an understatement. I am happy to have another short visit on the west coast planned. I have some parties to attend but I should have some blissful peace to go along with my running. I have planned a couple of beach runs along with some flying and sailing. My head needs to climb into the clouds and spend some time on the water drinking in the salt air.

On my run this morning, my meditations go along the lines of being thankful for my wonderful solitary life. I am calm, content and optimistic that the future will be on my terms as I stay and I serve. I have much to learn this day and this week. The sky is blue, the lake is gray and I keep moving along my path.


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