Woo! Hoo!

I can’t believe how much I have changed by just centering myself and remembering that if I have done my best, I have done my best! I had a very contentious meeting today but I was patient, respectful (even though that was not returned), polite and very professional. By listening more than talking, I found myself learning much. For example, the person who called the meeting has a stupid agenda that I simply dismissed by saying, “Thank-you for that information,” and leaving the room. In short, if something isn’t helpful, it’s a waste of time. These days, I will only tolerate so much time-wasting.

My time was better spent heading back to my office to help the line of students who needed information. I also followed the professional advice of a very wise friend, a true academic who is quite excellent in this world of teaching that I find vexing at times. I am very grateful to benefit from those who have more experience; just as in medicine. I am centered, serene and happy that this week is “in the can”. I am facing my challenges head-on and thankful for those who generously give me good advice. I can’t stop smiling and being positive!


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